Saturday, July 19, 2008

The great meat sale!

So, I've talked before about the meat sale that our local grocery store has everyday. You buy five packages of meat for $25 and I always wondered if it really was a good deal or not. Thinking along the lines of "if it's too good to be true..." I thought they might just put a high price on the label and then write over it "Only $5!" But they don't. You can walk down a bit further and see the exact same meat for the regular price. And no, the food is not outdated or about to go bad. There is nothing wrong with the meat. I asked the guy how they can have these great sales and what he told me made sense, but I just can't remember what he said. I'll ask him again and post his answer.

So, anyways last week, I created a menu of what foods I wanted to have for the next two weeks which I will post up later. I wrote down everything I would need to buy to make the meals and went to Marvin's with list in hand. The $25 meat sale includes chicken, pork, beef. I bought 2 packages of ground beef, 1 roaast, and 2 packages of steak. When we got home, I cut up the meat accordingly to what I needed in the recipes and wrapped it all up in freezer paper. I had 6 packages of steak and 2 packages of ground beef leftover that did not go with a meal, which will be used in next week's planning.

If I do this a couple of times, it shouldn't be too long before I'll have a months worth set aside.

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