Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Strawberries, kittens, and spending time with friends.

This time three years ago I was busy picking strawberries with my friend Ginny at the local pick your own patch. I had forgotten how much fun it was until we were invited to pick some at a friend's house.

Backing up a bit, we rode our bikes to the local farmer's market on Thursday and bought two pints of fresh picked strawberries. They were sweet and good! Then, on Saturday we went and met the grands for lunch at Sirloin Stockade. Good food buffet style. Off we went to tour the inside of a locomotive at Katy Days. Then we headed over to visit my friend Sarah who is moving soon to Texas. :-(
I'm going to miss her!

Off we went to visit another family. We barely had enough time to visit, but long enough to introduce her to plantain, my favorite weed.

Arrived at our almost final destination where we helped another family pick strawberries and enjoyed a wonderful meal of grilled hamburgers and fresh strawberries and ice cream. Yummy! I love the way her garden looks.

Their cat had kittens and they were a joy to pick up and hold. They were so cute! I was wishing I had brought my camera along to take a picture especially when I looked up from picking peas and saw that Nick was covered in kittens. They were climbing all over him!

Something I observed while I was there that I will never forget is watching how the mother included her children in the duties of the kitchen. Especially noting that the youngest one was able to help with the washing of the strawberries. Too many times I see how the little ones are expected to run off and entertain themselves so that the adults can work more efficiently and get the job done faster. It was nice to see the family working together as a team.

When we left there, we headed over to Cherryvale to pick up our CSA basket and chickens. I got home with just enough time to put everything away before heading off to sleep.


Stephanie said...

It sounds like you had a great time!! I wish we had some good strawberries here, but I did manage to get an excellent watermelon and some of the most delicious squash at a couple of roadside stands..
Did I read correctly? Do you have chickens now?? That is so cool!!

Noel Wright said...

We got chickens but they are in the freezer! No, we haven't gotten any live ones yet, but maybe some day...

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