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It's springtime!

I love springtime! Nick and I went for a Sunday drive the other day and watched some baby goats (kids) playing in the pasture. They were so cute! Leaping and running around with the goats. One of the male goats had a bell tied around his neck and a rope attached. We wondered what it was for, but when he took off towards the barn, the others followed right behind him following the sound of the bell.

Does anyone know what either of these two flowers are? I would love to know! The purple ones are so fragrant! what about the white ones?

We've got bunches of wild green onions popping up all over the yard. I wish I could cut some up and add to a salad, but I'm not sure if these have been sprayed or not. By humans (pesticides) or cats marking their territory!!! I can't wait to have a garden of my own and be able to enjoy them whenever I want!

Sadie Sue

Here are some pictures I've taken of Sadie. I have mentioned her in previous posts before.

It looks like she is smiling in this one. Last week when I was playing with her she had a bone similar to that one. She was running around the yard trying to get me to chase her and when I looked down at her, she had the bone hidden under her cheek flaps. It looked like she was grinning from ear to ear. It was so funny! I wish I had gotten a picture of her!

Peanut butter, anyone?

With all the talk of the peanut butter recall and other recalls, it really has reinforced what I believe about getting away from prepackaged foods, and making food from scratch. I was talking to a friend about how I used to make peanut butter and how I wanted to make up a batch soon. He asked me if I would make him a batch too. Peanuts were on sale that day so I went and bought a few pounds. I wasn't sure how many I'd need and if I should get salted on non-salted. I also wondered how many times some of the peanuts had fallen into each other's containers accidentally. So, I ended up getting half of each kind. I'd tried to make peanut butter before in my blender but it turned out to be just a mess. I had a recipe calling for a food processor so I thought I'd try it. It turned out pretty good. I made sure to run the processor long enough to get a real creamy texture like I like. I gave a jar to my friend and he loved it! He said he doesn't have to soften it at roo…

Why I hate plastic

I officially hate plastic containers for storing food. I made some fajitas for dinner today and used one to store the leftovers in. I thought I picked it up too hastily when I looked down and saw fajita sauce running down my dress. So, I went and got the stain out of it and put on a new dress. I went to put it in the fridge and happened to look down. I watched in horror as sauce dripped all over the fridge door and floor. I rushed it back to the sink dripping it everywhere! Somehow I got a two inch cut in the bottom of the plastic container. I have no idea how it got there and when. I finally got the stains up off the carpet, (who in the world installs carpet in the kitchen, anyways?) I cleaned up the fridge door, around the seals and scrubbed down my cupboard doors. As soon as I can, I'm buying some glass containers to keep leftovers in. Anyone know of a good place to find some inexpensively? I may just start hitting the garage sales around here.

Beautiful flowers

Nick came home last week and surprised me with a bouquet of flowers. Aren't they the most prettiest things you ever saw?

Hawk throwing and the day we blew two tires.

Last weekend was the grand opening for the Little House on the Prairie. It was a cold windy day, the kind where I like to stay at home and cuddle on a warm pile of blankets. But Nick was going out to take pictures of the event so I went along. There weren't too many people out and about at first, but we stayed awhile and Nick took some pictures.

This one man approached me (the one in red) and asked if I wanted to throw a tomahawk. See me here as I warm up for a throw! He didn't really give me a chance to say no before he was leading me down to where it was all set up. I, normally the shy quiet one, wanted to keep to myself, but since no one else was around and I am trying to break out of my shell, decided to give it a whirl. It was fun! I threw it over and over and by the time we left I wasn't cold anymore! This man belongs to a group that we want to join. I'll tell you about it next time!

Later that week, we went to look at a house in the country for sale. Nick didn&…

Time Flies.

I know it's been forever since I last posted. Time sure does fly. I can't believe it is already March of 2007!! We are still living in our apartment we found after we moved out of the camper. I am awaiting going to our home in Milo to pick up our last bit of things we left there during our last visit. I have been without some of my key essential kitchen supplies, but am getting used to not having them too. I wonder if I'll keep them when I do get them.

I have been trying to cut down on the amount of garbage we are throwing away. I really miss being able to burn our trash. And I miss the most our compost pile. I hate throwing away vegetable peels and other items. I have been working on a new post in our blog "The Wright Homestead". I have just been at a loss knowing how to get my words just right, but be looking for it. It's titled, "Homesteading in the City". Some of what you see here will be in it.

I've realized the past few months that thing…