Thursday, May 24, 2007

One for the Blackbird...

One for blackbird, one for the crow, One for the cutworm, and one to grow.- American saying

I was saying this yesterday evening when I planted the corn with Nick. Nick tilled in the garden the second time last night. Our neighbor let him borrow his big tiller and it was done in no time at all! Nick put in the stakes and tied the strings down the row. I'm glad we are doing the strings this year. It shows us where the stuff is planted so we know where we can walk safely. For pictures, come back later or view Nick's blog as I'm sure he will put some up too.

I normally don't like to be outside barefoot because I always seem to get bit by bugs and especially ants, so I was surprised to see an ant crawling on my foot and it was not biting me. Normally, it seems they head straight for between my toes and bite me. I guess I have misunderstood them all this time.

Another creature I have misunderstood is snakes. I personally would never have one for a pet or go out looking for a wild one but I have come to enjoy their presence in my yard. I have been reading about the benefit of them and how they eat pests and mice so I welcome them into our yard. They will not be sought after and killed. They will know they are safe in my yard. There are two that I am speaking of that we have seen in our trees. Two big long black snakes. Yes, they will be a big plus in our yard. And no, they won't chase me or attack and bite me. They are peaceful loving creatures who keep to themselves.

1 comment:

amalita said...

hey sweetie, glad that you are ok with the snakes now! they arent such bad creatures, it is just scary how quickly they move, not having legs and all. they really are quite beautiful creatures in their own right.

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