Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The great bonfire

The other night, Nick took down the cabinets in the shop and loaded them up in the back of the pickup truck. Then he drove to the back of our yard and unloaded it. Nick had told the neighbor earlier that we were setting it on fire and burning it. As I washed up the dishes from supper, I noticed the neighbors scurrying inside. I thought, well, I guess they don't want to be out when we are having our bonfire. The wind wasn't blowing very strong and the ground was still wet from previous rains so it was a perfect night for it. I went out to talk to nick and to my surprise on my way back inside, I saw the neighbors hurrying over to me carrying a pile of chairs. They weren't scurrying inside from fear, but heading our way in delight that we were having a bonfire. We gathered around the fire while Nick and the other guy lit the pile. And watched in glee as it lit up. A few times we moved our chairs back when it got too hot, and closer when it was dying down. We spent the evening laughing and visiting and having a great time! One of the neighbors said to us now that we have our own place that we will find out things we can do that we didn't know we could do before. How right she was!

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