Thursday, May 24, 2007

One for the Blackbird...

One for blackbird, one for the crow, One for the cutworm, and one to grow.- American saying

I was saying this yesterday evening when I planted the corn with Nick. Nick tilled in the garden the second time last night. Our neighbor let him borrow his big tiller and it was done in no time at all! Nick put in the stakes and tied the strings down the row. I'm glad we are doing the strings this year. It shows us where the stuff is planted so we know where we can walk safely. For pictures, come back later or view Nick's blog as I'm sure he will put some up too.

I normally don't like to be outside barefoot because I always seem to get bit by bugs and especially ants, so I was surprised to see an ant crawling on my foot and it was not biting me. Normally, it seems they head straight for between my toes and bite me. I guess I have misunderstood them all this time.

Another creature I have misunderstood is snakes. I personally would never have one for a pet or go out looking for a wild one but I have come to enjoy their presence in my yard. I have been reading about the benefit of them and how they eat pests and mice so I welcome them into our yard. They will not be sought after and killed. They will know they are safe in my yard. There are two that I am speaking of that we have seen in our trees. Two big long black snakes. Yes, they will be a big plus in our yard. And no, they won't chase me or attack and bite me. They are peaceful loving creatures who keep to themselves.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The great bonfire

The other night, Nick took down the cabinets in the shop and loaded them up in the back of the pickup truck. Then he drove to the back of our yard and unloaded it. Nick had told the neighbor earlier that we were setting it on fire and burning it. As I washed up the dishes from supper, I noticed the neighbors scurrying inside. I thought, well, I guess they don't want to be out when we are having our bonfire. The wind wasn't blowing very strong and the ground was still wet from previous rains so it was a perfect night for it. I went out to talk to nick and to my surprise on my way back inside, I saw the neighbors hurrying over to me carrying a pile of chairs. They weren't scurrying inside from fear, but heading our way in delight that we were having a bonfire. We gathered around the fire while Nick and the other guy lit the pile. And watched in glee as it lit up. A few times we moved our chairs back when it got too hot, and closer when it was dying down. We spent the evening laughing and visiting and having a great time! One of the neighbors said to us now that we have our own place that we will find out things we can do that we didn't know we could do before. How right she was!

I'd be rich

If I had a dime for every time someone asked me, "Are you going to ask for Huck back?" I'd be rich! Now that we have our own place again, I can't tell you how many people are asking me that question. The answer is a big loud "NO!" That would be rude and inconsiderate to the family who now owns him. We went to go see him a few weeks ago and he is so happy there. We would never think for a second to bring him back to our place. He has a very good life over there. Huck has adjusted better at their place than I ever imagined he would. They are his family as far as we are concerned. He has the best life. He doesn't have to sit and howl in his dog kennel all day long. He gets to roam around their house sleeping where ever he wants. He has plenty of other dogs to play with. Their kids play with him as well. He is loved very much by them. Their kids think he's the greatest and smartest dog in the world. And you know what, I think they are right!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's time.

What time? To bring out the bandannas and drink vinegar water. What's that you ask? Well, read on...

Nick and I were out working today. I was helping him finish sweeping out the shop and he was mowing the yard. He got most of it finished before the mower quit. The temperature read 86 degrees but it felt much hotter than that! Our favorite thing to do when it gets really hot is to soak a bandanna down with cold water and drape it over our neck. A few times, I had it draped over my nose and mouth as it was really dusty in the shop. It is so refreshing and makes you forget about how hot it is!

The shop cleaning is coming along real nicely. I wish I had taken a picture of the side that Nick worked on yesterday. It looks so much better now. I took a few snapshots on the side we tackled today. We're not done with it yet, so I'll wait to post my pictures up. I moved the jars from the side of the house into the shop. They will sit there until I sterilize and clean them. I hate to wash them all up now and put them back in the shop where they will sit until canning time, because they'll just get all dusty again. I thought I could keep them in the pantry, but there isn't room enough for them and all the stuff we plan on canning.

One of my favorite things to drink when I'm all sweaty and feeling hot is apple cider vinegar water. I take a glass of iced water and add a teaspoon or more of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey to it. Sometimes, I'll take the honey seperately by a spoon and then drink the vinegar water. I am not talking about the light brown colored vinegar you find at your local supermarket and the honey that is found there too. The brand I buy, (but it's not the only brand) is Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother. The honey I buy locally. Both are raw, unfiltered and the best stuff in the world! The vinegar drink is very refreshing, though it takes some getting used to it. (I tried taking this years ago and couldn't get it past my nose, but now I love to drink it as fast as I can make it) It keeps me from feeling tired and reminds me of a natural gatorade because it has the minerals and nutrients that my body needs, especially when doing heavy labor and my body tends to sweat or use up those nutrients.

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