Monday, March 26, 2007

Peanut butter, anyone?

With all the talk of the peanut butter recall and other recalls, it really has reinforced what I believe about getting away from prepackaged foods, and making food from scratch. I was talking to a friend about how I used to make peanut butter and how I wanted to make up a batch soon. He asked me if I would make him a batch too. Peanuts were on sale that day so I went and bought a few pounds. I wasn't sure how many I'd need and if I should get salted on non-salted. I also wondered how many times some of the peanuts had fallen into each other's containers accidentally. So, I ended up getting half of each kind. I'd tried to make peanut butter before in my blender but it turned out to be just a mess. I had a recipe calling for a food processor so I thought I'd try it. It turned out pretty good. I made sure to run the processor long enough to get a real creamy texture like I like. I gave a jar to my friend and he loved it! He said he doesn't have to soften it at room temperature before using (which I figured he'd have to do) and that it spreads really nicely. And the finished product- Ta da!

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Gunner said...

I love my bale jars. Hard to find good oness that don't cost their weight in gold.

That recipe sounds interesting.

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