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Cuddle bug the cat

Funny lookin neighborhood cat.
Hey, here's a photo of a cat I took today with the new camera my wonderful hubby wubby bought me!! I love him soooooooo much!!!

Here's a secret- I did not write this post... Can you guess who did?

hats hats and more hats!

My parents and grandma came to visit on Tuesday. My mom brought along a knitting loom and showed me all the hats that she has been making. Of course, I HAD to know how she made them so she taught me. I can't believe how easy it is! I am making my fourth hat today and hope to have a bunch more made before christmas. I know, I know, christmas is a ways off, but I always have to start early, way early...

The looms can be bought at Walmart for less than $15. You get 4 different sized looms, a needle, and a hook and instructions.

This link shows you all the things you can make with it. Not just limited to hats...