Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Huck Update

I talked to Huck's new owners the other day to see how he's been doing. She told me that he went off rabbit hunting the other day. She could hear him baying after the rabbit. He came back in an hour. I always wondered if he ran off, if he'd be able to find his way home. I was happy when she said he came back within an hour. Being in a new place, did not stop him from figuring out how to find his way back.

She also told me that the other day, he crossed the highway and found his way to their neighbor's house. They didn't know who he belonged to and brought him inside as it was late and dark. She didn't want him getting run over on the highway. Huck made his way into their house and made himself right at home, finding his way right into their cat's food dish. Ever since then, whenever the owners would go to work, Huck would run over to their house and demand to be let in. (howl his head off, I'm told.)

Well, they found out where his new home was and took him back there, but Huck decided he'd rather live with them. The people we gave Huck to decided to give him to them as well. So, now he is at his new home, which he seems to love. He is an indoor dog. They have two kids, which are the same age as my friend's children in Missouri where our house is. I wonder if their kids don't remind him of them. Their whole family loves Huck and I'm glad that I don't have to worry anymore about him getting hit running across the highway to their house.

I hope that the old owners are able to find another beagle, one that loves to be outside. I always wondered if Huck was happy as an indoor pet or if he wanted to be strictly an outdoor dog running rabbits all day long. I got my answer. He'd rather be sitting inside where it's warm or cool (depending on the season) and sleep in a comfy place than be outside with all the elements of the weather.

I can't wait to meet his new owners and see Huck again.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Plantain salve uses

I have been battling a cold this week and as a result my nose has been sore and red. I put some plantain salve on it before I went to bed and the next day all the redness and soreness was gone! I love that plantain salve I made. I can't wait to make more. My hands always get so dry in the winter and crack so I slathered some salve on them and what a relief that salve is. The cracks which look like mini gashes in my hand are healing nicely.

I am also trying to figure out what to put it in. I had bought some tins but they are hard to open and close. I am hoping to find some little heat proof plastic container to put it in. I prefer jars, but hard to ship without worrying about breakage. I made some the other day in baby food jars, but it is hard to get out.

Everyone that's used my salve loves it. And that makes me very happy. I love helping others.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Don't be sad, It's a treasure.

I titled this after Nick kept telling me this when I would start to cry thinking about Huck.

In memory of Hucky boy. You came into my life 3 years ago. He was my best friend apart from Nick. From the time I woke up until the time I went to bed, I'd talk to him. And sometimes he'd answer me. We'd go for long walks and meet people. People I wouldn't have met otherwise, because it seems the world is a friendlier place when you have a dog on the end of your leash. Especially one as cute as Huck.

When I was sick with the flu, he'd lay beside me on the floor. He'd keep me company and wag his tail. When I had a sore throat and couldn't call to him, I'd clap my hands and he would come running. When I hurt my back and couldn't bend over, he'd jump up and let me put his leash on. He never said no for a walk, no matter how tired and asleep he was. As soon as I'd get my shoes on, grab my keys and ask him if he wanted to go for a walk, he was at the door.

He'd sit in my lap when we'd go to the park and swing on the swings. He loved to go down slides. His favorite thing was to go bye bye in the car. We had a routine. Nick would say, "Papa's gonna go!" And I'd say, "Mama's gonna go!" and then we'd both say, "Does the Huck Huck want to go?" and he'd let out a big howl and run to get a toy in his toy box. He always had to take something along on his rides in the car. A bone or his baby. And sometimes we'd let him and sometimes we'd say no. When we'd say no, he'd run outside and try to take a stick or something.

We taught him how to give a high five, (by sitting up and giving us a paw in the air) but all on his own he would jump in the air and stretch out his paw. He could sit, sit up, stand up, roll over, speak, and dance, by turning around in a circle on his two back legs. I tried to teach him to sing, but all I got out of him was a noisy yawn. Although, when the trains went by loud enough, he would sing.

He was the best rabbit dog too. When he was on the trail of a bunny, he was so focused and he had a great nose. I couldn't buy him a bag of treats and give him just one of them. He'd sniff out the bag where it was hidden and wait patiently for more.

Well, sometimes he'd howl if he wanted more. He'd prance around with a new toy and want you to try and steal it from him. When he tired of that game, he'd let you know by howling. If there was something he couldn't have, he'd howl about it. Sometimes, when playing outside with him, I'd stick his baby which was a big oversized puppet with floofy fur, in a tree and he'd howl till I got it down for him. That baby of his, when we first got him, he would run down a hill and tumble over it. Couldn't quite get the hang of carrying it without tripping. He'd use it for a pillow in his bed too.

He never barked for us until his buddy Sadie taught him how. He loved to go to Sadie's house. Sadie would try and hide her bones but everytime he'd go over there, he'd find her stash. They would tear through Sadie's house running in circles and then plop down together for a nap.

He had other puppy friends, Cider, Benny, Baby Boy and Lily to name a few. He would get a toy and not want to share so he'd always surprise the newbies by letting out a howl. It worked on every one of them but Sadie. She's a basset hound.

He took care of Chessie our abandoned kitten and took up role as Mama Huck. He'd clean up after her, give her a bath and keep an eye out for her. Whenever we'd come home, he'd run straight to the place we kept her to make sure she was okay. He put up with her running all over the house and hanging off of his head and grabbing his tail. He was real gentle because he hated anyone messing with his tail. He always let her know when she was being too rough though. He missed her the day we found her another home. He'd check her old bed to see if she was there.

Huck filled my life with joy. He would get so excited when I told him that 'Papa was coming home!' He'd run to his toy box and wait at the door with me, ready to play with his Papa.

Huck was supposed to be Nick's dog but I fell in love with him the moment he stepped into my life. When I knew we were going to be getting rid of him, I tried to distance myself from him, thinking the pain would not be as great. But I realized I wanted to have as many treasures as I could have with him until he left us. Yesterday, we played and played together.

And then we got the call, someone wanted him. As we got ready to leave to take him to his new home, I tried to cuddle him one last time and Huck who had been clingy that whole day, must of known what we going on, he distanced himself from me. We cried the whole way to the new place, but as we pulled out of the driveway and watched him say goodbye to us, we knew we were doing the right thing.

He'll have so much room to run at the new place, rabbits to chase, another beagle for company and plenty of farm cats. He loves cats. Plus, the new owners said we could visit him anytime.

I'll never forget you hucky boy.

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