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Is that a dog? Nope!

A few weeks ago, we stayed at our favorite campground. I was busy in the camper getting ready for dinner. I happened to notice two girls coming near with their dog. I didn't get a good look at the dog because I just saw him out of the corner of my eye, but could tell he was brown and small.

Well, as they got closer to us, I happened to overhear what they were saying and this caused me to look up and see what they were doing. To my suprise, the leash was a stick and the dog was an armadillo! They were herding an armadillo back to their campsite. Their mom came over and took their picture. They ended up herding him back to the woods before going to the park to play.

I couldn't believe that this armadillo didn't run off. The first time I saw an armadillo up close was when I took Huck for his evening walk. Huck noticed it right away, and as soon as I did, the armadillo took off so fast and ran to hide in a drainage hole. I never saw an animal take off so quickly. So, I'm b…

Live one day at a time. Be content.

Live one day at a time as if it were my last.

Be content in the situations I find myself in.

Dodge the acorns and other fun times

Had one of the best weekends in a long time at our favorite camping spot. We got there late Saturday night and spent all day Sunday out by the campfire laughing and just having a good time. I don't remember ever laughing as much as we did.

It was supposed to rain all day which is one reason we decided to go there, but other than a few sprinkles, and a lot of wind, the weather was perfect in my opinion. With all the wind, it didn't take long for the laundry to dry. While Nick started the fire, I hunted for thin papery bark, perfect for helping start the fire. I went by myself at first and found what I thought was the right kind of bark. Came back with bark, but the wrong kind.

The next time I went out I took Huck along. He loved it. I was worried he would howl while I went into the woods, (I tied him up on a pole right in front of the forest) but he was so good and just waited patiently for me to emerge. I didn't take him in with me, because of all the poison ivy and becau…