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Garden Approval

Our landlord said we can put in a garden! I am soooo excited!!!!! We didn't think she'd go for it at first, (digging a big hole in the yard) but she is more down to earth than all our other landlords. Nick called her yesterday and asked and by the time he got off the phone I was jumping for joy all over the house.

Nick mowed the yard yesterday and it looks great! It was getting to be quite a jungle there, with all the weeds and wild onions (i think) sprouting up all over the place. I've got to go and sweep all the sidewalks now, because it's a mess. The weather is so nice outside today, I don't mind a bit.

Been cleaning out the camper this past week. Arranging our dishes in the cupboards and laying down new shelf paper. We got these pretty blue enamel ware dishes for christmas. We were using them in the house at first, but since most of our cooking is through the microwave, we were unable to use the plates. (for the time being) I wanted to buy a set for the campe…