Sunday, November 19, 2006

Plantain salve uses

I have been battling a cold this week and as a result my nose has been sore and red. I put some plantain salve on it before I went to bed and the next day all the redness and soreness was gone! I love that plantain salve I made. I can't wait to make more. My hands always get so dry in the winter and crack so I slathered some salve on them and what a relief that salve is. The cracks which look like mini gashes in my hand are healing nicely.

I am also trying to figure out what to put it in. I had bought some tins but they are hard to open and close. I am hoping to find some little heat proof plastic container to put it in. I prefer jars, but hard to ship without worrying about breakage. I made some the other day in baby food jars, but it is hard to get out.

Everyone that's used my salve loves it. And that makes me very happy. I love helping others.


Joyce said...

The salve you made me for itchy
places really worked quickly and
thoroughly. Its soothing for insect bites, and I keep one bottle
in the guest bathroom. Someone found
it with the lable I wrote "Noels
Salve for Itches" and chuckled, then used it with success. It's easy on sensitive skin and very effective. THANKS

Anonymous said...

We have many allergies. Can you tell me what is in the salve?

Noel Wright said...

Plantain, olive oil and beeswax, and Vitamin E. Sometimes I will add a scent such as lavender, cedarwood, or lemon essential oil but only to the batches that are requested and I can add any scent assuming I have it or can get it.

Noel Wright said...

I also plan to make some chickweed, lavender and calendula (seperate herbs) salve in the future. It will be made the same, except without the plantain. I strive to make simple batches of salves or ointments with few ingredients. With the plantain salve, I used fresh plantain, but with the others I will be using an infused herbal oil of choice.

Sherry said...

This salve is the best!! Recently, I've had a problem w/my hands especially my fingers being very raw & sore. After Noel gave me some of this salve I started rubbing it onto my fingers, cuticles, hands & I can testify the results are amazing! I love this stuff!!

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