Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Huck Update

I talked to Huck's new owners the other day to see how he's been doing. She told me that he went off rabbit hunting the other day. She could hear him baying after the rabbit. He came back in an hour. I always wondered if he ran off, if he'd be able to find his way home. I was happy when she said he came back within an hour. Being in a new place, did not stop him from figuring out how to find his way back.

She also told me that the other day, he crossed the highway and found his way to their neighbor's house. They didn't know who he belonged to and brought him inside as it was late and dark. She didn't want him getting run over on the highway. Huck made his way into their house and made himself right at home, finding his way right into their cat's food dish. Ever since then, whenever the owners would go to work, Huck would run over to their house and demand to be let in. (howl his head off, I'm told.)

Well, they found out where his new home was and took him back there, but Huck decided he'd rather live with them. The people we gave Huck to decided to give him to them as well. So, now he is at his new home, which he seems to love. He is an indoor dog. They have two kids, which are the same age as my friend's children in Missouri where our house is. I wonder if their kids don't remind him of them. Their whole family loves Huck and I'm glad that I don't have to worry anymore about him getting hit running across the highway to their house.

I hope that the old owners are able to find another beagle, one that loves to be outside. I always wondered if Huck was happy as an indoor pet or if he wanted to be strictly an outdoor dog running rabbits all day long. I got my answer. He'd rather be sitting inside where it's warm or cool (depending on the season) and sleep in a comfy place than be outside with all the elements of the weather.

I can't wait to meet his new owners and see Huck again.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that he has a home indoors too! I'm sure that he will be much happier - considering that it is 17 degrees outside now and icy! Yuck!

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