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Peace found in living with less

Well, we've been in the camper a month now. I just love it! I am excited though about dropping off some things in Milo, things I thought we had room for, but do not. There are also some books and magazines I left in Milo, that I am going to swap with. Once we get all the extra baggage out of the way, things will run much more smoothly.

When Nick is at the office working, I'm normally parked nearby. I spend my days, cleaning and re-organizing the camper, trying to find the best place for things to go. I stamp cards and write letters. I listen to tapes. I read books. I sleep. Life is very relaxed and slow paced. Sometimes, I'll walk to the library or the stores nearby and look around. Now that it is cooler, I take Huck for walks, several times a day. He loves being outside!

When Nick gets off of work, we go and park for the night usually. That's when I get out my fishing pole, wait for the minnows to trap themselves in the cool minnow trap Nick bought and start fishing. …