Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Peace found in living with less

Well, we've been in the camper a month now. I just love it! I am excited though about dropping off some things in Milo, things I thought we had room for, but do not. There are also some books and magazines I left in Milo, that I am going to swap with. Once we get all the extra baggage out of the way, things will run much more smoothly.

When Nick is at the office working, I'm normally parked nearby. I spend my days, cleaning and re-organizing the camper, trying to find the best place for things to go. I stamp cards and write letters. I listen to tapes. I read books. I sleep. Life is very relaxed and slow paced. Sometimes, I'll walk to the library or the stores nearby and look around. Now that it is cooler, I take Huck for walks, several times a day. He loves being outside!

When Nick gets off of work, we go and park for the night usually. That's when I get out my fishing pole, wait for the minnows to trap themselves in the cool minnow trap Nick bought and start fishing. It's so relaxing for me. All I really need is a good camping chair. So I can cast the line and sit and wait for the bobber to go under. I normally like to not stare at it and daydream a little, and every once in awhile check on it.

Of course, I did that yesterday, I was thinking of a snake that I saw, wondering where it was, and when I looked up, I scanned across the water and didn't see the bobber. But I didn't think about fishing, until a few seconds later, then I tried to set the hook without reeling in... (I really don't think good under pressure) I could see the bobber zig zagging around just under the surface. That is when whatever had bit my hook let go and I lost whatever it was. I didn't get any more bites after that and gave up.

Sometimes, Nick will start a fire and we'll roast marshmallows. The other day, I roasted some and gave one to Huck. The first one I dropped to him, he missed and it stuck to his chest. He started hopping all around, you could tell he didn't like it on him. It finally fell off. Then the next one he got stuck to the top of his mouth and nose. When I went to get a paper towel to get it off, it was too late, he had started rolling in the dirt trying to get it off. I looked at him and just laughed there were little pebbles stuck all over his face hanging off his chin. He had also managed to step in it and had it stuck all between his toes! No more after that I decided... the pieces that got stuck with rocks, I tossed aside and Huck tried to eat it the next day. He ate it all, rocks too!

I used to have a wonder washer and I think I want to get me another one of them gadgets. They can wash 3 shirts or 1 pair of jeans at a time. When I first got one, I didn't really know how to use it and I ended up cracking the lid and not ever learning how to rinse with it. They cleaned wonderfully. But now, years later, I have figured out a few tips and tricks to it. Of course, I may just wait until we get a bigger camper because I'm not sure where I would store it. I love hanging up our clothes on the line. We're going to be trying a few different techniques as far as clothes are concerned. I think I'm going to like it. It will sure make washing them easier.

My favorite thing about camper living and I've said it many times is listening to all the critters at night. I love to hear the owls hooting and the coyotes yipping across the lake. It's like hearing one of my nature tapes except I don't have to press rewind as it lulls me to sleep at night.

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