Thursday, August 10, 2006

RV living changes

Well, there have been a few changes made since we talked about living in an RV. The main thing is that we decided not to stay at the campground that we talked about. The lady there "forgot" to tell us of a few fees. We have been staying at the state lake instead for now but we did find another place to stay which is good.

It is a bit more per day to hookup, but there are not any permit and camping fees. We plan to stay there from now on.  I like it better actually. This weekend we are going to Cherryvale to stay at the campground there. Last weekend we went to Bartlesville, OK to stay at a nice RV resort. It was pretty there.

We've seen a nice share of wildlife while we've been out camping. On our canoe trip, I saw a mink. This week, we saw a beaver and a raccoon across the lake. The beaver actually would swim back and forth from the two places we've camped from. Not having our A/C hooked up, I've been able to listen to the owls hooting in the night. I like the sound they make.

I'll write more later!

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