Monday, July 10, 2006

Future camping

We went to the campground to find out about mail delivery. I decided since we still have our mailbox in Missouri to have everyone write me there. There is one mailbox at the campground that everyone shares. I like the idea of having my own box, thank you. Plus you can't receive big packages there.

While we were in I looked at their books they have for sale. Much to my delight, Nick bought me two of them. The ones I got were called, "Flower Finder- A guide to identification of spring wild flowers and flower families".

There is a whole series of these books. I plan to collect them all. This is the most unique book I've ever heard of. It's going to come in handy during those long sitting spells in the camper. It describes in detail parts of a flower and the different types of families they are in. Then, it has lots of drawings that helps you to determine what kind of family it is in.

You choose the description that fits the flower to be indentified. Then proceed to the symbol indicated. Continue in this manner through the key until the flower is located in its family. Then you continue within the family to the name of the picture of your flower.

There is a flower that grows all over and I was delighted to find out it is called Queen Anne's Lace or wild carrot. The lady at the campground told me what it is, but it is also in my book. The book also is small and thin and can easily fit in my back pocket. There was another booklet there that I liked but decided on a different one. Almsot all the books there I plan to buy over time.

The other book I got is a Golden Guide from St. Martin's Press called "Weeds" Fully illustrated. They too have a collection of other similar books.

I've been so excited to start learning all the different flowers and weeds that grow in our area. I want to learn what chickweed, comfrey, yarrow to name a few look like so that I can make salves with them as well.

Nick bought a book called "Tree Finder" that goes into details like my book Flower Finder. He knows a lot about trees and leaves and identifying them already, but he can expand his knowledge on them.

Looking forward to getting this move out of the way and settling into our life at the campground. They have lots of nature trails that we can't wait to explore with our books in hand learning along the way.

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Plantain salve making

Last week I bought some organic olive oil, beeswax from the local beekeeper near where we live and picked some plantain and made salve. I followed a recipe I got off the internet and had a blast! I even had a friend over and we made a batch together. When I made it with my friend, we added tea tree oil (which is a good antiseptic and also preserves the salve), and cedarwood oil (which also repels insects). I made another batch the other day and added lavender oil to it.

I bought two small jars of baby food so that I could have a little jar to carry around with me and so that I could give some away to friends, to sample.

The salve turned out so good! I normally am so miserable when the mosquitos come out that I often will stay indoors just to avoid them and I love being outdoors. But not anymore, cause I know no matter how many times I am bit that I have a ready supply of plantain salve. I am NOT referring to plantain like you buy at the store that looks like a banana, but rather the plant that is readily found in most backyards and the wild.

I use this salve for cuts, scrapes, insect bites, stings and more. I love this stuff!

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