Sunday, June 11, 2006

Our fun day and how to make yummy mint tea.

Today was a busy but fun day. I started out doing a couple loads of laundry. I wanted to get a head start before it got too hot. Then I made breakfast and Nick went and moved the camper onto the truck. We took it down to the state lake and had a picnic of sandwiches. It was so much fun! Then, when we got back, I took all the cushions out and vacuumed it from top to bottom. Scrubbed the counter tops and table. I can't wait to take it out camping.

Yesterday it was so hot. I think it was 100 degrees. Although it was hot, it wasn't unbearable. There is nothing like taking a cool soak in the tub. I wish I had thought of it yesterday, but it would have been a perfect day to make sun tea.

My friend Wini made some mint tea while we visited at her house once. It was delicious. I had to call her for directions. I knew I had made it with black tea in it before but couldn't remember the portions. But it didn't. What I remember doing was using loose leaf peppermint mixed with black tea. But anyways, what you do is use one tea bag of Bigelow Plantation Mint to make 2 quarts of tea.

The secret is to cool it down rapidly with ice. It really brings the flavor out of it. If you have an ice tea maker, Put the bags in there and press start. Otherwise, boil some water, 1 cup or so. when it is a rolling boil, then drop the tea bag in, turn the stove off, (don't boil it with the bag otherwise it will taste bitter) and let steep for 20 minutes. I was suprised at how delicious and rich it tasted, because the box of the tea says to steep for 1-2 minutes for 1 cup of tea. The end color is a light brown, which is just right because it is not 100% black tea.

Another thing good to do when it is so hot is to make a batch of egg noodles. They would surely dry in no time. My favorite thing to do is to set my table up near the window and let my bread rise. It rises in no time at all.

Tonight we are having sticky rice and chicken. We've been doing our cooking in the camper so as not to heat up the whole house. I was always scared to use a gas stove for cooking but it's rather nice. Instant heat. Our stove for in the house though will probably be electric since that is what we already have. Fine with me though, our summer kitchen in the camper works great!

Well, I'm off to do some mending...

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