Thursday, June 15, 2006

Meet P.C.

Meet P.C.

He thinks he lives here. He actually lives next door, but I made the mistake of talking to him the other day and giving him a nice scratch. Now, whenever he sees me outside he comes running. He is the most vocal cat I know and quite loud too. He also loves to play with his owner's yellow lab, Baby Boy.

It is funny to watch them play and P.C. always tells Baby boy when it's time to quit. Sometimes, Huck will get right up in his face and try to play with him too, but P.C. will swat him away. Poor Huck, the other day P.C. just pounced on him and started swatting away, as if to get the swat attack over with. Huck just looked so bewildered. He is wary of him now when he trots over.

By the way, P.C. stands for Porch Cat. The neighbors named him that when he showed up at their house one day. The name fits. Only I think he's confused at which porch is his. On the way home from walking the dog, I saw him curled up on the other neighbor's side porch.

This is the biggest of my tomato plant. It doesn't get much bigger than this since it is a dwarf container tomato plant. It is already starting to produce the cutest little green cherry tomatoes. I can't wait to eat them. I only planted three to see how they would do. But I plan to grow tomatoes year round indoors. I may try other seed varieties. I just don't know yet. Since I have not gotten any furniture yet for my sun room, I may just turn it into a little greenhouse.

These are the other two plants. I've had some trouble with snails eating my tomatoes, and leaves, but plant to buy a copper barrier on Friday to prevent them from climbing up the pots. I thought snails ate bugs, but apparently, their favorite thing to eat is tomatoes and its leaves.

Anyone know of any other snail repellents, that are natural. I don't want any pesticides in the yard.

I've discovered the art of gathering weeds. I took some pictures of some yesterday to have my friends online tell me what they were. There was this one in particular that I "knew" was something, but didn't know what. Well, I was right, and it was just what I was hoping it would be. What you ask? You'll have to wait and see.

I plan to post more later about this wonderful weed.

Until next time,

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Bonita said...

I've heard that salt sprinkled at the base of a plant where the snail crawls up can act as a deterrant. I've got little snails here, and they do very minor damage, really. They don't go after the tomato, just the leaves, and eventually they go dormant or something, cause we just don't see them once it gets hot.

They sure can be a nuisance on dahlias, tho.

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