Thursday, February 23, 2006

Garden Approval

Our landlord said we can put in a garden! I am soooo excited!!!!! We didn't think she'd go for it at first, (digging a big hole in the yard) but she is more down to earth than all our other landlords. Nick called her yesterday and asked and by the time he got off the phone I was jumping for joy all over the house.

Nick mowed the yard yesterday and it looks great! It was getting to be quite a jungle there, with all the weeds and wild onions (i think) sprouting up all over the place. I've got to go and sweep all the sidewalks now, because it's a mess. The weather is so nice outside today, I don't mind a bit.

Been cleaning out the camper this past week. Arranging our dishes in the cupboards and laying down new shelf paper. We got these pretty blue enamel ware dishes for christmas. We were using them in the house at first, but since most of our cooking is through the microwave, we were unable to use the plates. (for the time being) I wanted to buy a set for the camper and figured why not use them in there for now. They fit perfect and are great!

We are not planning on getting the same kind though for our next batch however. Would you believe the stainless steel rim around the cups edges catch on Nick's moustache everytime. Ouch!

Last year we bought some heirloom seeds for our garden when we thought we were going to be back in Milo. We bought watermelon, carrots, beets, bush beans, and I think peas. But then when we found out we were going to stick it out here a little while longer, I was going to buy all new seeds that grew well in containers.

Now that we are going to have a real garden, (i'm so glad I hadn't bought all the containers and potting soil) we are going to focus on green beans, cukes, and tomatoes. We like them because they produce alot and keep producing. Although, I may grow a few beets after all in a pot, because I was wanting to pickle a few and try tender beet greens. The beets you buy in the store are not what I was thinking. They are huge, tough and woody. They are best eaten only a few diameters wide.

The difference between last years garden and this years is that we are going to be growing them vertically. ( pole beans, cukes) Getting better tomato cages than last year. I think we are going to do rows, instead of squares, but I don't think Nick's decided for sure yet.

I am so glad Nick is going to be taking care of the garden this year. He did an awesome job last year.

I bought a tiny tim tomato kit the other day at Walmart, before I realized we were going to have a garden. I think I'll see if I can transplant them straight into the garden instead of buying a larger pot.

His grandma gave us two nice sized pots which I think will be perfect for my herb and mint garden.

I am so excited about our garden!!!!!

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