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Benny the sneaky dog

This morning, I found my neighbor's dog Benny asleep in the back of our "new" pickup truck. How he got up there with his short little legs, I have no clue. I tried to get Huck to jump up inside, but he has gotten too chubby and his legs are even longer than Benny's. What was funny was when Huck got near the truck, Benny would growl at him and chase him off. I guess he's already claimed it as his.

While waiting for the post office to open, I laid down to take a quick nap on the bed with Huck on the floor beside me. When I got up, I went and sat on the couch to put huck's collar on, and happened to look down. There in Huck's pillow lay our neighbor's dog! Such a cute little thing, looks like a Benji dog. Now, how he managed to sneak past the bathroom, past the kitchen, past all the dog and cat food and find huck's bed is beyond me. I always wondered how good a watch dog Huck was remembering the time our other dog Trudy woke us up barking when a ca…