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The other garden

I've spoken briefly about the other garden that we have. It's at a friend of Noel's who lives not even 5 miles from here.

She approached us with the offer of letting us plant some more there and we jumped on it.

The plot is about 40-by-40-feet. So far we have planted there beets, cucumbers, peas, bush beans and corn.

We went by today to check on its progress as it's been about two weeks since we planted it.

The four rows of corn surprised me, they are doing pretty good. There are some bare spots in the rows where the seed didn't take, but all-in-all we should have a little bit of our very own corn this year.

The green beans are doing very well so far. We're going to have a goodly amount of beans this year, gods willing.

The peas there are also doing pretty good.

The cukes are coming in nicely and I can't wait to put away several jars of pickles this year! Yum.

The beets are not really up yet. I found a couple of sprouts that might be beets, but I suppose it…

Step three: Reduce your reliance upon utilities.

Written by Nick...

If you're ever going to be truly free, you have to reduce your reliance upon the utilities. You cannot be free if a third of your income or more goes toward keeping your lights on and house heated.

This step is where things get a little more "difficult." If you haven't made that most important step then you won't be able to do some of the things in this step. But read on ...

First thing is to change how you light your house. If you must have electric lights, then switch to compact fluorescents. They last much longer than incandescents and they'll save you a couple bucks on your electric bill.

But here's where we get a little radical. If you can, throw out electric lights altogether. I don't suggest oil lamps because they have parts that can break or need to be replaced and you also have to purchase fuel. I suggest candles. They are the only form of lighting that you can fully make yourself if need be. We have not switched…

Step 2B: Hunting

Written by Nick...

All you need to hunt is a New England Firearms Pardner in 20 gauge with a modified choke ($80). This one gun will fell anything in North America when used properly and responsibly.

Generally speaking, hunting is not quite as simple as fishing. It's also something I haven't done so much of. The only thing I've seriously hunted has been rabbits. They are easy enough. Any shotshell loaded with No. 6s or smaller will do fine for rabbits out of the gun I mentioned out to about 30-40 yards. Take your shotgun, go walking through the woods or prairie, stomping and kicking every little bit of brush or briars you find. Don't pass up even the smallest bits of cover. If you see a patch of grass and say "That's too small for rabbits, there won't be any in there" I guarantee that's where you'll find a rabbit. When you jump it and it's running off, aim a little bit ahead of it and pull that trigger. The best possible outcome is that th…

Step 2A: Fishing.

Fishing is the simplest and one of the most enjoyable ways to provide some of your own meat.

There is an amazing number of fishing rods and reels available on the market. Some costing hundreds of dollars. But you don't need to spend much money to catch fish. I personally own one Zebco 202 rod and reel which I purchased from Mal-Wart for $10 and a Zebco 33 rod and reel outfit, that was $20.

If you've never gone fishing before don't worry, it's easy. First of all, for your first times out, forget about lures altogether. If you're bank-fishing a public body of water, they are useless. Go back into the garden that you've dug and root around till you've got yourself a handful of nightcrawlers, then put them in one of the containers that you've saved instead of thrown away along with some moist dirt and head for the fishing hole. When you get to the water you have several options. I personally like to have one rod rigged to set the bait on the bottom and one ro…

Fun at a friend's house

Well, I like I said earlier, Friday I went strawberry picking at the local strawberry farm and picked 6 pounds. I got to take home 2 pounds. Saturday I did some catch up work on the computer and rested. Saturday evening, my friend Joyce had a birthday party at her house. I made two batches of my favorite roll recipe and took that along.

The hosts, Joyce and Jim had BBQ and we were all asked to bring side dishes. It was good to visit and see everyone that I have not seen in a long time. We stayed about three hours and then went home. The next day, my neighbor and I went strawberry picking again. You would think I'd have so many strawberries in the freezer but we have ate alot of them, fresh and in shortcakes. Well, Nick hasn't eaten any fresh, but I had to have his helping too. :-)

Anyways, we were there for 2 1/2 hours. Her kids stayed mostly in the car and played by themselves. We each only did one row, but the rows were packed unlike before. I picked three buckets worth and …

The great adventures of Cider and Huck

The other day while walking Huck and Cider we stopped by a creek. I wanted Huck to get his hot paws wet and cool off. So down in the ditch he went across the creek. At first, he was jumping around frantically. Upon seeing him, Cider thought oh wow! Playtime! So he jumps in and starts splashing around. Huck is thinking, what are you doing? I'm here drowning and you are getting me more wet! The water was not very deep by the way, but when you have short little stubby legs... then all of a sudden huck stops jumping and splashing and it seems he is enjoying the moment. it lasted only a short time before he hopped out.

Friday, we went berry picking. We being my neighbor, her kids and me. I picked 6 pounds. It was fun and the weather was windy and nice. Today I am going to make some rolls to take to a friends house for dinner. Sunday we plan to go see nick's grandparents and bring along some strawberry shortcake stuff. I'm not sure what Monday holds for us, but I will write on T…