Saturday, July 16, 2005

Benny the sneaky dog

This morning, I found my neighbor's dog Benny asleep in the back of our "new" pickup truck. How he got up there with his short little legs, I have no clue. I tried to get Huck to jump up inside, but he has gotten too chubby and his legs are even longer than Benny's. What was funny was when Huck got near the truck, Benny would growl at him and chase him off. I guess he's already claimed it as his.

While waiting for the post office to open, I laid down to take a quick nap on the bed with Huck on the floor beside me. When I got up, I went and sat on the couch to put huck's collar on, and happened to look down. There in Huck's pillow lay our neighbor's dog! Such a cute little thing, looks like a Benji dog. Now, how he managed to sneak past the bathroom, past the kitchen, past all the dog and cat food and find huck's bed is beyond me. I always wondered how good a watch dog Huck was remembering the time our other dog Trudy woke us up barking when a cat slipped in through the window. Now I know! I called Nick and told him about it while he laughed with me.

Then I sat on the bed reading the mail. A little while later, I heard chomping sounds coming from the cat dish. I thought, that sounds too loud to be a cat. So, I slowly peeked around the corner and saw nothing. Then I went further into the bathroom and there was that silly dog again! I quickly showed him the way out even though I knew he'd be back.

One of the kids next across the street kicked it in anger after I asked him to leave our yard. They seem to think that our yard is the place to take what they want. Well, the piece wasn't quite right after that and it finally fell off.

Anyways, just as soon as Benny went out the door he immediately turned around to investigate what he smelled. It was Huck's dish with some leftover food in it that Huck didn't want. It was laying by the back door to take to the compost pile. I watched him through the door; he couldn't see me. He snuck his head in and took a slurp or two. Then he scurried back out the door.

On second thought, he decided he liked what he tasted and went back for seconds, doing the same thing each time, then thirds, until finally, he stood outside the door and stepped in with his two front paws and stretched as far as he could to finish the bowl. I was laughing at him. He heard me. He steps back and was all innocently looking at me. "What, I'm just standing outside the door?" he seemed to say. Muffling my laughter, he stretched back inside and licked the bowl clean. Oh well, he saved me a trip to the compost pile.

We've got the back door leading to the bathroom shut by the fan, but I'm sure if I went back in there, he'd be laying on my rug in the washroom.

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