Saturday, June 4, 2005

The great adventures of Cider and Huck

The other day while walking Huck and Cider we stopped by a creek. I wanted Huck to get his hot paws wet and cool off. So down in the ditch he went across the creek. At first, he was jumping around frantically. Upon seeing him, Cider thought oh wow! Playtime! So he jumps in and starts splashing around. Huck is thinking, what are you doing? I'm here drowning and you are getting me more wet! The water was not very deep by the way, but when you have short little stubby legs... then all of a sudden huck stops jumping and splashing and it seems he is enjoying the moment. it lasted only a short time before he hopped out.

Friday, we went berry picking. We being my neighbor, her kids and me. I picked 6 pounds. It was fun and the weather was windy and nice. Today I am going to make some rolls to take to a friends house for dinner. Sunday we plan to go see nick's grandparents and bring along some strawberry shortcake stuff. I'm not sure what Monday holds for us, but I will write on Tuesday and tell of my weekend.

Oh, I got my neighbor started on fly lady stuff. She and I have been helping one another with our houses. She, Ginny, is working on the basics of fly lady before jumping into it all. She likes the ideas and gets excited to tell me about what she has done for the day. Her daughter will come over and write down what each of us has done for the day and compare her notes. It has been fun. This month we are in a new zone and having fun "competing" and getting all our cleaning done. For those of you who are unfamiliar with fly lady. Go to:

Well, I've got to go make dinner... until next time...

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