Saturday, May 14, 2005

Stainless steel cleaner and dish soap

I went to Walmart the other day looking for a good all purpose cleaner. There was a specific one I was looking for that I had seen at Woods but they did not carry it. So, I began looking trying to find the right one. Just when I had about given up, (for there were too many to pick from) I glanced down and saw one called Orange Clean. It seems a long time ago I used one with a similar name to clean wood surfaces and I loved the way it worked. So I picked it up, bought it of course, and took it home. I couldn't wait to try it out. The label said it was for tubs, sinks, countertops, ovens, and more. It is the best all purpose cleaner I have used. I used to buy 409, but this is way better and it smells nice when you are cleaning. The best thing is that when I sprayed it into my stainless steel sink, it made the sink shine so beautifully and it has stayed shiny too.

Update 11/14/2012- Well, I can no longer find this cleaner anymore. At least not locally. So, I ordered a new bottle of kitchen cleaner from Nutri-Life which my neighbor sells. I am excited to try it. I use the Dish Drops for my dishes and love the way it cleans. Just a few drops is all that is needed to create mounds of suds and my dishes sparkle when I'm done. I love both the light fragrances, Citrus and Green Herb. I noticed that the kitchen spray is the same Citrus scent and can't wait to try it. I should get the bottle next week. I don't care for overpowering scents since I have sensitivity issues with chemicals.

One bottle of Dish Drops lasts me a long time. It cost me less than $5 and since I place my order with my neighbor I get free shipping. I think that's a pretty good deal!

I'll be sure to post about my review of the new kitchen spray once I get the chance to use it! And I've been curious to know just how long a bottle of Dish Drops last, so I'll make a note of it when I open the bottle and see.

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