Friday, May 13, 2005

Pallets: A homesteader's best friend...

Businesses usually have to pay someone to haul away their old pallets. That means that they are ripe for the homesteader's picking! And the potential uses for them are without number.

I've been getting pallets from the newspaper that I work for. Tonight I put three full-size pallets together along with one half-pallet to form a compost bin.

What I did was simple. I took the slats off the back of the pallets, stood them on their ends and nailed them in place. The half-pallet simply slides in the front, which will allow us to remove it when we want to get the finished compost out.

But that's not by far the only thing you can do with them.

You can make fences out of them. Which will be one of the projects that we tackle in the near future.

You can construct sheds and woodsheds.

Anything you can imagine building with wood can probably be made out of pallets. And it'll be one heck of a lot cheaper than buying store bought lumber -- by which I mean free!

Update: It is now 2012 and the pallet compost bin we made in 2005 is still standing. Well, sort of, the neighbor dogs torn down the front piece, but that's because we weren't living on the property for several years. The fact that what remains it's still there sturdy as ever though makes me love pallets!

Bear has access to pallets now with his job and I'm excited to rekindle my love for pallets and build many things next year with them! :-)

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