Tuesday, May 31, 2005

More strawberries, Cider stories and Red clover

Last weekend, I had a very relaxing time. Saturday was my day of rest. Although, I still did my usual cleaning and preparation of meals. I just didn't tackle any new projects. Sunday, instead of sleeping in, we got up early and with my neighbor went and picked at the strawberry patch. Actually, she invited me along, but when nick and I found out, we opted to take our car. She was leaving her kids at home this time.

We got there right at 8 and picked for an hour and a half. Nick and I picked two buckets each, which equaled about 12 pounds. We bought one bucket and with the others, the owner has this deal where if you pick for them, they will give you back a 1/3 of what you pick. So, we ended up with still alot of strawberries. Their prices are reasonable too. $1.00 a pound if you pick.

We wanted to save our money yet still enjoy the strawberries. Between the strawberries from the Amish farm, Joyce's and the strawberry patch, you'd think we'd have alot of strawberries, but our weakness is strawberry shortcake. We have eaten alot of them up! But we decided to save the rest which is about 3 gallon sized freezer bags and save for a rainy day, maybe even make some strawberry jam out of them or save for smoothies.

Sunday after we got back and I processed them for the freezer, I washed laundry and hung it up to dry on the clothesline. Worked in the garden a bit even picked some mulberries. I've got almost a gallon picked. Cleaned the kitchen up, vacuumed the carpeted rooms, and took Huck on his daily walk.

Sometimes our neighbors dog, Cider goes along. That is always a treat. He is so funny, a yellow lab, he runs all over the place so full of energy. The other day, Huck and I were walking back from our walk and there was Huck so tired, putting one foot in front of the other. He was so tired and hot, and all of a sudden here comes Cider, just loping along, not panting, not tired, as if he was teasing Huck for being so slow. Huck stopped, looked back at me, then ahead to Cider, I'm sure he was thinking that it wasn't fair he had such shorter legs. I just started cracking up thinking what was going through Huck's mind!

Later that evening, my friend and neighbor, Ginny went red clover picking with me. I had wanted to get more and glad I did, because the place where I go they had mowed down! But there was still plenty to be picked! I have been picking red clover the last few weeks and drying them. Red clover is best when made as an infusion. An infusion is where you take the herb you are using and steep it in boiling water for several hours. It is much more nutritious than just making tea out of it.

Monday, Nick and I just enjoyed ourselves relaxing. I spent time cross-stitching, reading, relaxing in the shade outside. We talked outside about our plans for the house, the yard, and garden. We went to Maggie's in the evening to work on the rest of the rows in the garden. I picked red clover while I was there since we have only one hoe. The vegetables are coming up so nicely, corn, green beans, beets, peas, cukes. We stayed and visited awhile with Maggie then headed home.

What a wonderful weekend it was!

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