Thursday, May 12, 2005

First official city wide garage sale

We had our first official city wide garage sale last week. The sale has been going on for the past few years, but we had never been a part of it. Someone asked me if it was worth it and if I planned to do it again next year. My answer was that I had this sale to rid myself of clutter I've accumulated over the past few years and that I hoped to not get myself in the same mess again.

Hopefully, by this time next year, I do not have any junk to get rid of because I do not have any junk, but if I slip into my old ways and gather more junk, then yes, I will be having a sale again. Perhaps though if I don't have any junk to sell, then I can bake cookies or sell some crafty things. I had wanted to do that last week but ran out of time to prepare. I wanted to make sure that I had everything set out to sell way ahead of time.

The sale went pretty good. I was suprised with the number of people that came on Thursday. The nearby city was having their city wide sale on Saturday so I knew that it would be pretty slow then. but had no idea how slow. Friday slowed down from Thursday's rush and Saturday was so boring! I had like three people come the whole day until 2. I should have stayed open until 6 or 7 but by 2, I was exhausted. It is surprising how tiring it can be to sit and wait for someone plus the wind was blowing so hard that every few minutes I was jumping up and picking up items off the ground.

I think what I'll do next year, (here I go again, this is assuming I have stuff) is set out items on Thursday and tell people as they come that I'll be putting out more stuff each day. Then when Friday starts, I'll box out what didn't sell on Thursday and mark it way down and put out Friday's stuff and so forth. I had several people come back each day to see if I had put out more stuff. Also what I did was when it got slow, I'd run back inside and find more stuff to get rid of. There were several items I kept holding on to, but knew i'd never use them. I ended up selling those first.

It feels good to get rid of junk in my life. I feel so free! Now, if I can just organize the house better...

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