Saturday, April 9, 2005

More thoughts on self-reliance. Television...

After I finished writing "The first step," I started thinking that maybe I should've made cancelling television service the first step.

So I've been pondering that this afternoon and I've decided that cancelling television service isn't really a step on the path. Because, I believe, if you are still paying someone to pump that crap into your home, you are not ready to even think about the first step.

Granted, there are a few programs on that I like to watch. But they become fewer and fewer each year, and even the ones I do enjoy are just about ruined by the commercials. And I sure will not pay for that when I can get it for free.

If you have to have television, get an antenna. You'd be surprised how good the reception is. I live more than 60 miles from the nearest stations and many times I get them clearer off the air than when I had cable.

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