Friday, April 22, 2005

Once-A-Month Grocery Shopping

Once-A-Month Grocery Shopping

"I have discovered that grocery shopping once a month is one major way of saving money. Particularly in combination with other activities, monthly shopping can save a heap of money.

This was a gradual process for me. When I decided to make the move, I was shopping weekly because I had a very small freezer. Now I have a good-sized chest freezer. I started by dropping back to visiting the supermarket once every two weeks. Even though I allowed a budget of double what I had previously spent each week, I found that I seldom needed to spend that much. Shopping less often certainly reduced the impulse purchases. It seemed relatively easy to work out how much of each item I needed to last me two weeks. Some things were already packaged in quantities that would last me longer so I wasn't buying every item each shopping trip."

This is where we're at now. We were going to the supermarket at least once a week, usually two or three times a week. When we moved to the homestead, we immediately went to shopping once every two weeks.

And now we're taking the next step. Our next shopping day is one week from tomorrow. On that day, we will buy three weeks of groceries. Then two weeks from that day we will purchase another three weeks of groceries. That way, we'll have a one month supply at that point.

I figured it would be easier on the wallet to transition to once-a-month shopping in two steps instead of one big step.

P.S. - The Dollar Stretcher is a good online zine, with lots of tips for saving money. Some things of their's I like, others not so much; but check it out while you're there.

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