Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mixes in a jar. Best brownie recipe and more

Bear writes: In step one, we discussed cancelling the trash service. One of the things that change when you cancel the trash service is that you learn to reuse most of the items you used to throw away. Well my wife, Noel, has taken this to heart by reusing mayonnaise-type jars to store dry mixes in. Dry mixes are good things in and of themselves as well. So I'll let her tell you all about it! So without further ado, I introduce my wonderful wife.

For those who like the conveniences of mixes like I do, don't think that you can't have them if you buy in bulk or stop buying prepackaged foods. The ideas for making your own mixes are unlimited. This weekend, I started putting away some dry mixes. It was just a start, but it got my juices flowing on all the kinds of things I could make ahead of time. I like to use mayonnaise jars or canning jars because they are easy to store and you can see at a glance what is inside. One of the things I made was some pudding mixes. Now when I want to make it all I need to do is just add the wet ingredients like milk or eggs. I made several jars up of pancake mix. Same thing for them. I just measured out the flour, sugar... I dumped it all in a jar. I figured when I get ready to make it that I'll just dump it in a bowl and mix it together then, before adding the wet ingredients. I made up several pancake mixes in just a few minutes. Other things I plan to make mixes of are: beverage mixes such as cocoa, spiced tea, flavored coffee, and also cake, cookie, and brownie mixes. For these I layer them in nicely so that if I need a quick gift for giving, it's all ready. There is also spaghetti, chili, and taco seasonings. The possibilities are just endless! What I like to do is either write on the jar what to add to each jar and just make refills using the same jar or attach a paper recipe to each jar with instructions on how to make.

My favorite link to share on making your own mixes
is here.

My favorite brownie mix can be found here.

A simple google search of "make your own mixes" brings up plenty of results. Have fun looking!

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Christina said...

I have done this from time to time. Give them as gifts too. I belong to a group on yahoo called: GiftsInAJar look them up they have tons of recipes if you are still doing this..
God Bless,

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