Sunday, April 24, 2005

Making food and firewood...

Went ahead and planted the garden this morning. It's not quite as big as I wanted to have, but I was running out of time (I should've started much earlier) and just got plain tired of digging. Tried to use a borrowed tiller, but the sod has been in place so long that the tiller didn't do a thing.

We've got a friend who is letting plant more stuff at her place, so I don't need a big garden here. Even though I wanted to. But that's okay, better to start off small, I'll work into more garden here next year.

The next step that I'll be writing about is reducing our reliance upon utilities. Part of doing that is using a woodstove for heat. I'll talk more about it later, but we cut down a couple of ash trees so I wanted to write about that now.

There were several small ones coming up out of an old concrete foundation that were blocking the sun to my neighbor's garden and he'd asked if could cut them down. I'll be wanting to put in a shed on top of that pad sometime soon, so I said yes. While I was helping him knock those out, I pointed out the big ash tree that was blocking the sun to my garden and asked if he'd help me cut that one down someday. He said sure, why not do it now? I said, okay. So we cut that one down too.

I was surprised that it came down so easy. I was sure we'd have to knock out some of the upper branches before bringing the whole thing down. But my neighbor was sure we could get it to land right, so we just went at it.

There are several other trees that we can cut down when the time comes.

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