Thursday, November 9, 2017

Blessing bags completed.

The first batch of blessing bags have been completed.

Here are the last of them.

Next challenge is to make 25 more in a Christmas print to donate to another group in need. Pictures to share soon!

Flip my attitude.

I know first hand what happens when you let a negative thought dwell in your mind and let it take over your life. I did this for years. What woke me up to this destructive pattern was coming out of a slump of depression in September/October, I realized how important it was to take every thought captive. And let me tell you when the thoughts came pouring in as they did every day, I found it utterly exhausting to take them captive. There were days and nights that I wanted to give up.

It would have been so much easier to let them just take control and do what I'd always done. Do what I was used to doing, what was comfortable, what was easy. Dwell on them.

Thankfully, I have a supportive husband who is always reminding me to see the good in everything. To stop feeding the negative wolf and to feed the right wolf.

I  got to thinking about this topic, because I had challenges this week that normally would have broke me. Instead, they helped strengthen me and gave me PLENTY of opportunity to take my thoughts captive.

When the thoughts would enter my mind, the first thing I would do is recognize them and immediately cast them out. There are many ways to do this, but I will share three things that worked for me and are still working for me.

1. Laughter. Laughing at funny shows and video clips has helped tremendously at keeping my depression, fear, and anxiety away. I'm amazed at how laughter helps so much. Feeling down, watch something funny and start laughing your head off! The more you laugh the better you'll feel.
 "A merry heart does good like a medicine."

2. Scriptures. Whatever problem I was thinking about, I took my thoughts captive by going to the scriptures and finding a verse that spoke to me about the subject. I read different versions to get a better understanding. I meditated on them by thinking of the verse instead of the problem I was facing. I like the Youversion Bible app. I just found out about it recently. (another post about it later) I also subscribed to several of their bible plans. When I was a kid growing up, I loved the idea of sticker charts. (my parents weren't really into that) I think that's why I like the Youversion bible app. I'm just a kid at heart. :-) I like to see my progress.

3. Journaling. Writing is so therapeutic for me. It helps me to get my thoughts on paper. I have a journal I keep specific to writing about my social anxiety I deal with. It has helped me so much to be able to go back and read about particular days and what helped me get through them. Find a pretty notebook and start writing.

I've learned that taking my thoughts captive isn't a one time thing that I do. It's a new part of my life, what I do every moment of every day, but the more I do it, the easier it becomes. It's no longer exhausting to take my thoughts captive. The more I think good thoughts, the more I see the good in a situation. That doesn't mean that my life is perfect and bad things don't happen, but my perspective on how I see things has changed.

Here's a cheesy song to end with. It was from one of the bible plans I subscribed to.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

12 more bags done. Just a few left to go.

I had fun making these bags this week. I'm grateful for having a project to work on in the evenings. I've got 14 more to do and then I'll start on my next project! :-)

It's going to take awhile but I've decided to open my Etsy shop. It probably won't happen until next year though as my next project will be to make 25 more blessing bags. Pics to come soon!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Drawstring bags

I've been working on three separate projects all week. I suppose I should have just worked on one thing at a time, but I like diversity.

Here is one of the projects I have been working on.

Grandma's bag- finished bag pictures revealed.

I finally gave Grandma her bag so I can show the pictures now.

This is the orange one- that I drafted my own pattern for.

I found a youtube video here that showed how to create a recessed zipper in any bag, so I made this one first as sample to make sure I could do it. It worked great!

This is grandma's bag-

She loves her bag! I even sewed her a small zipper pouch to go with it to hold smaller things so they don't get lost in the bag.

I am working on another bag similar to this but even larger sized as it's still not quite big enough to hold a sweater sized knitting project. I've got two bags I'm working on for two crafty friends (who are being so patient- thanks)

I'm still working on writing up the tutorial for the orange bag. Is anyone even interested in one?

Monday, October 23, 2017

Cross body bag and matching wallet pics

Here are the pictures from the cross body bag and wallet I made. I had a lot of fun creating it.

I had never met the girl I was making it for, so it was kind of an awkward moment when it was presented to her in front of me, but she seemed to like it. 

The cross body bag pattern came from here. I created an adjustable purse strap for it, using this video. The wallet came from here and totally worth $4.50! Be sure to join her facebook group to share pictures of your finished products. You can also get help there too!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Old Shale Scarf and fabric

I bought some yarn this week but could not bring myself to start another project until I finished at least one of my current WIP's. So, I worked hard and finished my Old Shale Scarf. It's ready to be blocked. I started it in April. That leaves only one last project on my needles. Yay!!

I started a wheelchair wrap this week. It's burgundy. I'm looking forward to getting a pile of them completed this fall and winter to give away locally.

I was blessed with a crate of fabric this week. I had just given away all my current stash of fabric a few weeks prior. (no regrets on that!) when a friend contacted me asking if I wanted some fabric. I said yes!  I was thinking earlier this week that I wanted to work on some blessing bags but knew I  needed some fabric to make them with and wasn't sure where the money was going to come for buying the material. There is plenty of fabric to make them with. And just in time for Christmas as the majority of the bags will be made with Christmas print that was included in the crate!

A few things I've got to work on this month and next-
A large zippered tote for a pen pal. I plan to make a sample one first to try out the new pattern I found. Then, a bag for my grandma.

Then, a project bag for my sister who has recently taken up crocheting. Yay! I plan to make her one similar to my pen pal's-if I can figure out the new pattern...

And lastly, a friend asked me to make his daughter a purse and a matching wallet. I'm just waiting on the zippers to arrive to make all these bags.

My goal for next year is to make more Sew Powerful Purses (to complete this year's goal) and to sew pillowcases for local distribution. Other than that, I'll be making prayer shawls for locals, and crafting for myself.

I do have a few UFO's to finish up yet this year. I'll post up pictures when I get them done.

Until next time!

P.S. I'm working on a tutorial for the orange and black bag I made this month.

Blessing bags completed.

The first batch of blessing bags have been completed. Here are the last of them. Next challenge is to make 25 more in a Christmas...