Sunday, April 5, 2015

Winner of pattern giveaway- now closed.

Congratulations goes to Dawn Friday. I will contact you shortly to get you your patterns.

Stay tuned as I will have another drawing this year.

Until next time!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Project bags for sale!

I got to cleaning out my closet and found some material I had set aside to sew into project bags that were missing either the liner or the accent piece so headed over to the local quilt shop and got help on finding some matching fabric. I'm pleased with how they turned out considering the material didn't all come from the same place.

Here are the bags. I've got them listed for sale on Ravelry.

This is one of my favorite sewing patterns. You can find the pattern here. She also makes a paid pattern with several different sizes. I've made almost every size so far. They are fun fast and easy to make!

The second one has an orange with sprinkle look lining.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I love my blender. It works really well. I made another smoothie for lunch and this time used coconut milk. It turned out really great! I offered some to my neighbor but he said no. You can't tell there is a cup of raw spinach in this.

I've been craving more raw foods lately over processed stuff.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

10 years- pattern giveaway

To celebrate 10 years of blogging and for having 50+ followers on my blog, I wanted to have a giveaway. They are just fun to do!

I wanted to do a pattern giveaway so that anyone regardless of where they live could enter, but couldn't decide on which pattern to do.

So, I'll let you choose. Any pattern whether it be sewing, knitting, crocheting or whatever kind that can be purchased online as a pdf (no shipping required) up to $10 is eligible. You can choose one pattern worth $10 or a couple totalling that amount. You choose!

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what pattern(s) you want, where I can buy it and how to reach you.

It's important that you leave a way for me to contact you. Believe it or not, but I've had people enter and I have no way to reach them, so they forfeit the prize. :-(

I moderate my comments to keep spammers out so if you don't see your comment right away, don't worry. It will show up.

I will choose the winner on April 5th.

Until next time!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Training Missy part two

Another part of training Missy was teaching her to not bolt out the door when we were going in or out. She's funny in that even if she is sound asleep if she hears me unlock the door she is wide awake and in my chair wanting to go with me. (Unless she is super tired.) She whines a bit if Nick leaves, but she will howl and put up a bigger fuss if I leave her.

We had taken her in the car the other day and I had to go someplace and poor Nick had to listen to her howl and bark her head off. So, we don't take her too many places. She really doesn't like to ride in the car much though she is getting more used to it. However she especially hates it if one of us leaves her alone. She does do well on Bach rescue remedy. She knows where I keep them and stands up to get the drops. I need to order more. I've also given her the Mimulus remedy for seperation anxiety.

Now she is fine being outside by herself. Doesn't care whether or not I'm with her but not if she's separated anytime else. Which is weird to me.

We've taught Missy to sit, lie down and give a high five so far. She seems eager to please and I plan to teach her many more tricks! Freddie knows how to shake, sit, and lie down. He's been feeling a little neglected lately, but I try and give him attention every day that he shows up.

In the afternoon, if I notice she is being snarly to Cooper I'll bring her inside for a nap. She is just like a kid who doesn't want to take a nap. She fidgets and makes little grumpy sounds. All I have to do is put in her tape (yes, she has one!) yawn loudly a few times and she is out in five minutes. And asleep for three hours. Then it's back to playing outside.

She is a lot of fun. Glad we got her!