Sunday, July 3, 2016

Homemade bookmarks

I cut my homemade paper up the other day into bookmarks and tags.

Now I'm just saving up more paper scraps to make another batch of paper. I've got some  confetti and flower petals saved to use on the next batch. I'm excited! 

More pics soon! 

T-shirt dog bones

Last week the members of the heroes of kindness met to make upcycled dog bone toys. I showed the group how I cut the t-shirts up into one long piece. (Directions on my blog)

Then we began braiding. After the meeting, I volunteered (what was I thinking!?) to cut up the remainder sleeves and tops and bring them back next week.

In the meantime, I was given a huge stack of t-shirts to make into more toys. I've been cutting T-shirts like crazy. I did figure out that if I used my rotary cutter that things went much faster.

I had a friend come over last week and help cut them up and stretch them.

I found a new way to knot them and it's much easier than braiding them.

I can't wait to show them to the group this week. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016


I love smoothies. I drink one almost daily.

Here's how I make mine.

I start with either milk, juice or homemade yogurt. You can use storebought yogurt but I find it too tangy for me.

Then if I want greens in it, I'll put a handful or two and hit the liquify button. This makes it smooth with no green chunks!

After I've added the greens to it, I add FROZEN bananas to it cut into one inch chunks. If you add extra ripe bananas you won't need any sugar in it. It will be plenty sweet.  Set to blend until smooth. I usually add 1-2 cups yogurt and 2-4 bananas. If you use frozen bananas you won't have to dilute your smoothie with any ice to make it thick and creamy. (The blender I had at the time of writing this was an oster. It cost me around $30. I used it for over a year and it still works. )

Then, I add whatever frozen fruit I want whether it be frozen blueberries, blackberries, strawberries etc.

Paper making

A few weeks ago, I soaked some important documents in water in an attempt to destroy them. Now that we we moved to the city, we can't burn anymore. I didn't want to have to buy a paper shredder.

The soaking process was not going as well as I thought so I added a dollop of bleach to it and it started falling apart. And it kept the bucket from smelling. I changed out the water a few times and then I was left with a huge amount of paper pulp.

I've always been fascinated with the idea of making my own paper since I was a kid begging my parents to buy or build me a mold and deckle. I looked online for instructions to build my own but knew the chances of me actually getting one built was slim.

I figured why not try it with all this paper pulp I had.

I ended up finding a blog telling how to make paper using a splatter screen. I've seen them at the dollar store before so I thought what do I have to loose. I ended up blending the pulp further with my old blender, because dear sweet hubby bought me a ninja recently. Yay!! (More on this later)

I've always wanted a "craft blender" but didn't want it confused with the food one. Now I have one!

Anyways, after blending the pulp, I attempted to make some paper. I scooped it onto the screens using a giant tin foil roaster pan ($.88 at Walmart) The screens came as a 2 pk from Walmart for $7-8. One is smaller than the other which actually worked out better than I thought it would. After scooping some pulp on one tray, I top with that other and press down. I've since learned I can use a pie pan to press it now evenly. Then I flip it over and press more with a sponge or cloth. The more times I flip it and press it, the drier it gets.

I was trying to find a way to dry it when I remembered my solar drying rack. It's perfect!

I'm planning to make gift tags with this first batch of paper. And work my way to stationary. I added some flowers petals to some sheets and learned some other techniques to try later.

I can't wait. Now instead of throwing out junk mail, I'm going to recycle it.

I'll post up more pictures next time of the actual making of it.

Here are some pictures of the finished results.

I thought it was funny that there was a "c" showing on one of the papers.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Rita's cheesecake

I had one box of cream cheese and was craving cheesecake so I decided to make my new favorite recipe. I actually tried it last month but couldn't post on blogger back then.

I had never made cheesecake before unless you count the no bake version that comes in a box! Lol.

The first one I made I used crushed Cheerios for the crust. (Substituted it for Graham crackers.) It turned out pretty good.

Tonight I wanted to try it with Graham crackers and it was great!

Here is the recipe.